Remember that comic?

I said I was working on a comic a while ago. I finished it! Too bad I was too lazy to post it because my computer went kaput and I had to restore it from a backup from a month ago. When I didn’t have any of the panels drawn.

haha. fun.

Well, while I redraw the entire chapter, I’ll post some new character designs I was going to use in the second chapter so yeah.

art comics frustration


do you think whoever was designing the default netflix avatar made a mistake somewhere but just sat there laughing at the result for so long that the whole design team decided to keep it


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Luvdisc: I love your blog

Alomomola: I love you platonically

Jynx: I love you romantically

Smoochum: I want to kiss you

Swablu: I want to hug you

Nidoqueen: I want to date you

Nidoking: I want to battle you

Ninetales: You’re beautiful

Wooper: You make me smile

Alakazam: You’re really smart

Plusle: You’re an amazing friend

Minun: I wish I was your friend

Lopunny: You’re sexy

Scolipede: I don't like you

Smeargle: I love your art

Unown: I love your writing

Meloetta: I love your music

Cubchoo: You’re gross

Swirlix: You’re really sweet

Eevee: You’re one of my favourite people

Sylveon: You’re my best friend

Arceus: I worship you

Togekiss: I think you’re a great optimist

Phantump: I think you’re a great pessimist

Pichu: You’re really cute

Shaymin: I am grateful to know you

Metagross: I want to get to know you more

Dwebble: I wish I could talk to you but am too shy

Darkrai: You’re my worst nightmare

Exploud: You scare me

Bibarel: You’re silly

Audino: You make me blush

Absol: Your blog is a disaster

Slowking: You’re wise

Zoroark: You should post more pictures of yourself

Porygon: You should post more

how to feel better about your art


  1. save art from primary/middle school
  2. look through your shitty weeaboo phase
  3. relish in the improvement in both mentality and ability
  4. understand that you can only go up from here so long as you try
  5. use art as a medium for communication instead of a meter of self-worth
  6. you are more than your ability to put lines on a canvas
  7. and as long as you never give up
  8. i am so, so very proud of you.

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